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wet cat

So when I packed for my trip to Northern California, I checked the weather, and it was supposed to be sunny and warm all week.  So I didn’t pack a jacket.  NOW, there’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow and the temperatures are predicted to be much cooler.  I should have brought a jacket….


Had to be at a down site at 8:30 this morning, meaning I had to start driving at 7:15, which meant I needed to get up at 6:15, so of course I woke up at 5:30.  The pharmacy was a sweat box, and I was there for 9 hours.  By the time I left, I was worn out.  I got home just after 7:15pm, just ahead of some severe thunderstorms.  I was so tired I decided to park my car behind the apartment building instead of at the parking garage at work.  Again, I didn’t feel up to packing.  I sat down in my comfy chair a promptly fell asleep, listening to the gentle rumbling of thunder.


Not the way I imagined how my vacation/house hunting trip to Arizona would begin.  Rained all day, from Kansas City to Amarillo, Texas.  In Amarillo, started snowing and snowed harder and harder until we (my aunt and I) finally reached Tucumcari, New Mexico for the night.  Made a long day on the road even longer.

Been trying to figure out why my lower back/tailbone has been hurting the last few days.  Can’t think of anything particularly strenuous I’ve done.  I have been wearing a different pair of shoes this week because of the expected cold, snowy and icy conditions, but I don’t think the shoes are the cause of the hurt.  Still, it’s going to be a lot warmer for the next few days so I’m going to be wearing the usual Hush Puppies.  We’ll see what happens.

Today I thought about something that would be a great subject for tonight’s blog, and then promptly forgot about it.  😦

So, I’ll write about springtime.  The forsythia bushes and cherry trees are in full bloom, and pollen is settling on my car.  Birds are chirping everywhere and pooping on the car.  Wind has been raging and sandblasting the car.  We’re under a tornado watch until 10pm.  Severe thunderstorms are dropping hailstones on my — parking space.  Not on the car.  I moved it to the parking garage at work when I saw hail was in the forecast.  Good thing too, because when the storm blew in so much hail hit the windows near my cube I really wondered if they would break.  We’re under a flash flood warning.

It seems things have calmed down a bit, so I’d better get going.  I have groceries to buy, using my car.