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AZ Sacaton Rest Area (1)

Ever since moving to Arizona, the weather’s been hot and dry.  Everyone kept saying, “but it’s a dry heat”.  True, the hot weather here is much more bearable that it was in Kansas City.  Problem is, I start to sweat when I’m outdoors, but it immediately evaporates.  Then I go indoors, still sweating.  In that cool air, nothing evaporates. so I usually soak my clothes like I’ve been standing in a rain storm.  Which brings me to monsoons.

Everyone here speaks longingly about monsoons like they’re talking about a loved one.  Haven’t yet experienced a monsoon at the house, but I’ve watched them forming.  In Kansas City, storms roll in fast, dump on you and roll on out.  Here, they take forever to form.  Like the picture above.  I took this at 2pm driving home from Tucson.  I was at dinner around 7pm, and this is what the sky looked like.

AZ Mesa Monsoon

It still isn’t raining.  It appears like I may experience my first monsoon at home sometime tonight.

Last night I was in Tucson, where I snapped this picture at sunset.

AZ Tucson Monsoon

It finally started storming about 10pm.  If that’s any indication, I might be able to see if my roof leaks around the same time tonight.



Well, my attempt to write an entry every day has finally crashed and burned.  It wasn’t for lack of things to write about — I had some.  I was distracted in the evenings or just too tired.

Last week I drove to northern Arizona, to the Hopi Indian Nation and spent the whole week there.  I worked at the health center, ate breakfasts and dinners and spent the nights at the Hopi Cultural Center.  I almost ran out of gas, running on fumes leaving the reservation, barely making it to Winslow before I could fill up.

I drove through a little town called Strawberry, in the Arizona mountains.  Decided to stop during lunchtime, visiting a historical schoolhouse and eating in a western-themed restaurant/saloon.

AZ Bandits Restaurant and Dirty Cowboy Saloon

Strawberry is trying to get in on some of the tourist business a little town a few miles away called Pine is getting.  Arty-farty galleries and froo-froo shops line both sides of the highway in Pine.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been hot in Arizona the last few weeks.  When I drove home on Friday through strawberry and Pine, the temperature was about 100 degrees.  I made the same drive three years ago, and seem to remember it being about 60 degrees.

Well, I guess I’ll call it quits for this evening.  It’s obvious I won’t be blogging every evening anymore, but I’ll try my best to blog more often than last year.

wet cat

So when I packed for my trip to Northern California, I checked the weather, and it was supposed to be sunny and warm all week.  So I didn’t pack a jacket.  NOW, there’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow and the temperatures are predicted to be much cooler.  I should have brought a jacket….


Had to be at a down site at 8:30 this morning, meaning I had to start driving at 7:15, which meant I needed to get up at 6:15, so of course I woke up at 5:30.  The pharmacy was a sweat box, and I was there for 9 hours.  By the time I left, I was worn out.  I got home just after 7:15pm, just ahead of some severe thunderstorms.  I was so tired I decided to park my car behind the apartment building instead of at the parking garage at work.  Again, I didn’t feel up to packing.  I sat down in my comfy chair a promptly fell asleep, listening to the gentle rumbling of thunder.


Not the way I imagined how my vacation/house hunting trip to Arizona would begin.  Rained all day, from Kansas City to Amarillo, Texas.  In Amarillo, started snowing and snowed harder and harder until we (my aunt and I) finally reached Tucumcari, New Mexico for the night.  Made a long day on the road even longer.