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So, I woke up early again today.  I decided to sit in my comfy chair and finish watching Doc Martin.  I’d read there was a new season of the show, and was surprised to find out I’d already seen the shows from the last season on Netflix.  I like the show, but I just couldn’t stay awake.  I kept falling asleep during one episode and waking up during the next.  This went on until about 3pm, when I finally decided enough was enough and got up to take a shower and run some errands.  NOW I see the new season is number 7, and Netflix is only showing seasons 1-6.  Guess I’ll have to wait.


I think I’ll watch Silicon Valley next on the Amazon video HBO channel.  Getting my money’s worth!


So, I stayed up all night watching Game of Thrones.  Went to bed after 6am.  Then when I got up, I started binge-watching Vice Principals.  And did laundry.  Needed to do laundry.

Since my divorce, I’ve been paying $14/month for a land-line phone in my apartment for my daughter to use in case of emergency.  Well, now she’s 18 and has never used the phone, strictly using her cell phone.  I only use my cell phone.  This weekend I was tired of wasting money on something I don’t use and decided to finally cancel the phone.

Then I added the HBO channel to my Amazon video account.  Now that is something I’m guaranteed to use!  I’ve already started binge-watching the last season of Game of Thrones.

WaterBoyJust added to Netflix — all right!  One of my favorite comedies, but it will have to wait until I finish watching The Grinder.

Got another Blue Apron box today.  Can’t wait to open it up and see what goodies I got!