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So, my aunt decided to drive out on her own for her visit next week.  I figured I’d gotten a reprieve, and could clean the apartment at my leisure this weekend.  Silly me.  My landlady sent a text message today telling me she would be showing the apartment to someone tomorrow morning and that I should have a presentable apartment.  Tonight I’ll be stacking boxes in neat stacks, vacuuming the carpet, scooping kitty boxes, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.  I’m not dusting or doing windows.  Screw that.



So I took a look around the apartment and realized I’ve started packing stuff in boxes and bringing things in from my storage unit, and the apartment is starting to look a mess.  I’m going to have to start straightening up the place before my aunt comes for her visit.  I don’t want her to think I’m a slob.  Guess I’d better get cleaning!


Three loads of laundry.  Two boxes filled with books.  Two trash bags filled with items I haven’t touched in ages.  Got my paper shredder set up, but decided to wait until buying oil for it before I start shredding.  Still have a lot to do, to simplify.