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I think I’m gonna get some sleep.



The new CPAP mask and air filters arrived today, so I’m going to fire up the CPAP again tonight, and see how I feel in the morning.

E-mailed one of the mobile home parks (RV resort) in Arizona about looking at their houses.  The manager was very helpful and even told me they offer rentals for a great price this time of year.  Apparently it’s going to be the off-season when I get there.  If they’ll rent for a week, that’s the way I’m gonna go.  I would rather stay in a little house for a week than in a room at Motel 6.

Mobile Home


My achy back kept me awake all night.  Surprisingly, the lack of sleep didn’t bother me very much.  I hope I’m tired enough tonight the aches and pains won’t deprive me of my precious shut-eye.

Left work and walked home, the whole two blocks.  Sat down in my comfy chair with the music on and fell asleep until my daughter arrived for her weekend visit.  We had dinner at Applebees — first steak I’ve eaten in a while.  Came back to the apartment and fell asleep again.  Finally got tired of fighting it and said good-night.  For once, daughter stayed up later than I did.

Some days are just those kind of days when you wish you could win the lottery and leave the job behind.  There was nothing any different today than any other day, but today I was feeling a little more stressed than usual.  And how do I handle stress?  Intentional relaxation at my desk, but when I go home at lunch, a nap in my comfy chair.  Today I had about 25 minutes available chair time, and slept hard.  I was disoriented when the alarm woke me up.

Found out the carpet in the living room will now be pulled up until Monday, when it will be put back down and cleaned.  So, it’s looking like I won’t be able to start moving my furniture back into the living room until Tuesday evening after work.  Oh, woe is me!