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OK — for all the speculation, the world didn’t come to an end because of Donald Trump on April 26th.  We’re still here, so the weird radio broadcast in New Jersey must have been referring to NEXT April 26th.  Yeah, that’s the ticket….



Listening to Ground Zero on the radio.  Tonight’s topic is a weird radio broadcast from September that repeatedly said “Trump April 26th”.  With April 26th coming around, everyone’s trying to figure out what it meant, and whether it was a prediction of some sort about us going to war in two days against North Korea, when President Trump will be meeting with all 100 senators at the White House.  Interesting show.

Guess we’ll all find out shortly whether there was any significance.


Used to be a time when I traveled around the countryside, changing radio stations as they faded out, hoping to find new ones that weren’t country and western or sports talk radio.  Then they started putting satellite radios in rental cars.  I enjoyed driving in different parts of the country for work and listening to the same stations no matter where I was.  Still, I resisted getting satellite radio for myself.  Then I happened to be on the road somewhere listening to AltNation when they began playing the Coachella music festival, then later on South by Southwest (or maybe it was the other way around).  No matter —  I became a big fan of listening to music festivals and was finally moved to get my own radio for when I was at home.  Having only one radio presented me with another problem, though.  How could I listen in my apartment AND my car without having to carry the radio around with me?  I was too cheap to buy another radio and pay for a second subscription.  I found out about SiriusXM’s on-line service.  Now I pay for that so my satellite radio can stay in the car, and I listen to satellite radio in my apartment via the Roku box.  Today I’ve been sitting in the living room listening to Coachella on XMU, the start of another music festival season.  I’m a happy camper!

music subcultures

I like satellite radio.

For instance, last week when I drove to Neosho and Springfield, Missouri, I listened to a station called First Wave.  This station played a lot of the music I loved listening to during the ’80’s.  I’d been under the impression that music was now called “retro”, but First Wave set me straight.  It proudly proclaimed the music they were playing was “classic alternative“.  I knew it as New Wave and Punk, back then, but I’d always considered it mainstream pop music.  Shows what I knew.

That the music is considered Alternative makes sense, however.  In the ’90’s, I became aware I liked listening to “Alternative” music when my radio station began using the term and I’ve steered toward stations ever since that called themselves “the Alternative” or something like that.

While in Springfield, the announcer said to check out their sister Alternative station, Lithium, which played ’90’s Alternative and Grunge.  OMG! I thought (really).  THAT was my music!  I’ve always claimed the ’90’s as my favorite musical decade because of those two genres.  Anyway, I listened to Lithium until I turned in the rental car.  I was taken back to the days I first left the Navy and moved back to Iowa, a new civilian.  I listened to the same songs while on the road with my first field service job.

Times have changed, and so have I.  I still love that music, but I don’t intend to listen to it all the time from now on.  I’ve always prided myself about having never become mentally stuck in an era or genre.  I intend to keep moving on, exploring new music, but having stations like First Wave and Lithium allow me to occasionally relive good times, giving me an alternative to sports radio and country music when I’m driving through certain areas without any alternatives.