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McLellan Water Tank

Back in the early 1970’s, my dad was stationed at McClellan Air Force Base, near Sacramento, California.  Today I was working on what used to be the base.  When my dad was working here, we lived in North Highlands, just a few miles away.  After work today, I decided to visit some of the places I where I’d spent my time.


Back then, this was our neighborhood library.  I spent a lot of time here.  I remember they held a pet show where the prizes were books.  I brought my pet mice — didn’t win a book….  If I remember right, the city bus stopped here.  I used to ride the bus into Sacramento and watch movies at an old theater that charged 99 cents admission.

Today I drove by our house, but because it hadn’t changed since I took a picture of it eight years ago, I didn’t feel the need to take a picture this time.

Jimboy's Tacos

I had dinner here this evening.  This is a block away from the house, and used to be a 7-11 store where I’d bought my bubblegum and candy.  I had tacos today, and they weren’t too bad!

I tried something new today — taking videos with my phone.  I recorded my visits to my elementary and junior high schools.  I uploaded the videos to Facebook, but this blog doesn’t allow it (because I’m too cheap to pay for a premium site).

Now I’m back at the hotel, getting ready for bed.  G’night!



Rockstar Pure Zero, Punched flavor is my favorite energy drink.  Reminds me of my glory days as a young sailor stationed in Orlando, FL.  My roommate and I played racquetball almost everyday on the outdoor courts there.  I would always buy two cans of Hawaiian Punch to drink after working up a sweat.  Now, I’m diabetic so drinking Hawaiian Punch probably isn’t a very good idea.  This Punched Rockstar Pure Zero is the next best thing.  The town in which I’m currently living has an outdoor racquetball court and I’ve tried hitting the ball there by myself a few times, but it isn’t the same without a friend to play against.  I suppose there are just some things you can never get back to — but at least I have my Punched!