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kid at work

So, after writing my last blog entry, I continued thinking about the possibilities with each job.  In my current company’s favor, I would get to see many areas of the country, which is one of my great passions.  With RFT, I would be working the region around my apartment, and once in a while, Milwaukee, where the company’s home office is located.  With my current company, I would never be on call, and with RFT I would be, once in a while.  I didn’t enjoy waking up several times in the middle of the night to phone calls from customers with problems.  It was sometimes difficult to clear the fog from my brain enough to troubleshoot their problems over the phone.  So, I’m still mulling it over….


I’ve been mulling things over, about this job situation in which I find myself….

kid at work

Today, I realized that all things considered, I would choose returning to RF Technologies rather than stay at ScriptPro.  ScriptPro is a good place to work, but RFT has slightly better benefits and if they offer me what I was earning four years ago, I’ll be making more money than I would by staying at ScriptPro.  So, why have I been waffling back and forth between the two?  My feelings and hopes about being friends with my favorite coworker, someday.  While sitting in church this morning, I realized it probably ain’t gonna happen, so I should take that completely out of my decision-making process.  Also, I’ve spent most of my adult life making career decisions based on relationships and not cold, hard numbers.  I shouldn’t be moving backwards in huge amounts of dollars like I have been.  Returning to RFT would be an opportunity to get back to where I was, at least, four years ago.  So if offered the field service job at ScriptPro, I think I’ll pass on that and whole-heartedly pursue the RFT field service position.

If my favorite coworker decides to keep in touch after I leave ScriptPro, maybe we could become friends, but I’m not counting on it anymore….

kid at work

Just received an e-mail from a regional manager for the company I worked for, before coming back to my current company.  They are still interested in having me work for them.  The e-mail was asking what my interest level was about returning.  I’m very interested if I can stay near Kansas City, so I can still spend my weekends with my daughter.

I spoke with them several months ago about going to work in Dallas, but decided against moving there.  I asked them to keep me in mind if something in this area opened up.  I wonder if that’s what this e-mail means, that something’s opened up?  That would be very sweet.  The job had a much higher salary than my current job, and plenty of overtime to boot.  I made over $30,000 a year more than I do now.  I wouldn’t mind making money again and being able to pay off my debts for a change.

Just got another e-mail message — my old job is available.  Sweet!  Awesome!  He’s asked me to send my updated resume.

So, three of the companies I’ve worked for since leaving the Navy who have wanted me back for at least a second time.  I returned to Sprint twice, my current company ScriptPro once, and if things work out this time, this other company.  Always try leaving your jobs on a good note, because you never know when you’ll get another opportunity.