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Man, I had so much stuff I felt the junk truck wouldn’t be able to hold everything I needed to get rid of.  Always trust your gut feelings — I decided to take a bunch of boxes and items to the local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Goodwill wouldn’t take baby gates, so those went down the street.  Funny, someone else was thinking just like me.  I wondered whether Salvation Army would take baby gates, and saw three in the bins.  So I added four.  Oh yeah, the snow shovel in the car?  There was a snow shovel in the bins, so I brought mine in.

The junk truck came by at about 11am, just ahead of the deluge.  The crew tried racing the weather so the load wouldn’t get wet — they try donating the stuff they get.  When the rain started, the crew leader said they probably wouldn’t be able to get anyone to accept anything because it was wet.  Damned mother nature!  Well, my gut feeling turned out to be right.  The truck was packed tight.  If I’d kept the stuff I’d unloaded earlier in the morning, everything wouldn’t have fit.

After the truck left, I worked on another load of stuff for Goodwill — yes, I still had stuff!  Went to Goodwill, then I returned home to start moving boxes and items around as to where they’ll be going in the morning. Some for storage that pile is getting big.  I’m seriously concerned I won’t have enough room in the unit for everything.  I’ve got some stuff for the local cat shelter.  And yes, even more for Goodwill.

Rented another U-Haul van.

Decided to take a break, and went to the local drive-in for one last show.  Saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Didn’t stick around to see Guardians of the Galaxy for the third time though.

After coming home, I inflated the air mattress I’d set aside and arranged the boxes I’m taking to Arizona around the bedroom to use as furniture.



Before moving, I’m going to be shredding a lot of mail and paperwork I’ve accumulated over the years.  While reading the shredder instructions, I found I’d need to oil the thing fairly often.  So today I went to the store to buy oil.  I also got a haircut.  Then I went through the car wash and got quarters for laundry.  When I got home, I did a load.  I’ve also watched two Amy Adams movies, Trouble With the Curve and Arrival.  Amy Adams is my favorite red-headed actress.  I’ll probably watch another of her films before going to bed tonight.


I ran a few errands today, which included getting the car washed, picking up my prescriptions and getting change for laundry.  When I got home, I measured my dirty clothes and decided I didn’t need to wash anything until next weekend.  Nothing beats a little procrastination.  Then, I threw some stuff in the crock pot (too late for tonight’s dinner) for leftovers later on in the week.  I’ve been watching Adam Sandler movie’s ever since — two I didn’t remember seeing before until I put them on today, Punch Drunk Love and Anger Management.  And of course, I’ll finish off the triple feature later this evening with 50 First Dates.


So, this year’s refund was less than last year’s, but so was my income.  What I get back from the government will go straight into my credit card.

Watching Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety again.  Almost forgot about it, having watched Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein lately.  Having my first scotch and soda in months, while watching.

Watched two movies on Netflix concerning historical paintings, this evening.  First one was about the discovery of the prehistoric cave paintings in Spain, and the other was about the restitution of stolen Klimt paintings to a woman in California.  It would be easy for me to look up the movies for their titles, but that would make things too easy for you.  Good movies — I recommend them.  Now go find ’em!