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16 days before moving.

Signed over the old car to my daughter today.  It served me well.

Then I saw The Fifth Element at the theater.  Hard to believe the last time I saw it on the big screen was when it was first released twenty years ago.  Some folks in the audience laughed like it was the first time they’d ever seen it — I think they were probably high.



Busy day.  Took the old car to Walmart for an oil change and to have the tires checked and rotated.  Then I took it to a real car wash to get it cleaned up real nice for giving away.  After bringing the old car home, I took the new car in for it’s first maintenance visit.  Then I got a storage unit to hold the things I’ll have to take to Arizona later.  I ended the day by going to the local drive-in to see The Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

17 days before moving.


Nothing happened.  I woke up, but nothing happened.  I fed the cats, but nothing happened.  I ate breakfast, but nothing happened.  I took a short nap watching the news, but nothing happened.  I got ready for work, but nothing happened.  I walked to work, but nothing happened.  I started working, but nothing happened.  You get the idea — I did a lot of things I do everyday, all day long, but nothing happened.  Now I’ll be heading home to watch the Waterboy.  Now, THAT’S something!

WaterBoyJust added to Netflix — all right!  One of my favorite comedies, but it will have to wait until I finish watching The Grinder.

Got another Blue Apron box today.  Can’t wait to open it up and see what goodies I got!

Today I left Des Moines and drove back home.  I suspect the cruise control on the new car doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.  On Friday I averaged 51mpg on the first half of my trip, stopped to buy a soda, then averaged 49mpg the second half.  Today the car averaged about 39mpg with the cruise control set.  You are supposed to get better gas mileage on cruise control, right?  When I turned it off out of curiosity, the car started averaging 47mpg.  Makes me think the cruise control is feeding the engine too much gas.

Getting back into town, I decided to finally get a long-overdue haircut, then saw a movie, The Great Wall, picked up a prescription at the drug store, unpacked the car, fed the cats, then cooked dinner.  Made a stir-fry using Blue Apron ingredients.  So far, I’ve only followed one Blue Apron recipe since starting the service.

After dinner while watching the Simpsons, I fell asleep for an hour.  Missed the new episode and also the new Son of Zorn.  😦

Tonight I’ve added a new link to this blog’s home page, for Palek Art Studio and Gallery, a place my aunt and I stopped in after lunch yesterday.  I liked the artist’s works — wish I had the money to buy them.

Now I’m relaxing.  Dreading going back to work in the morning.