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Ever since working in San Diego two years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for good Mexican restaurants serving soups.  In Kansas, I never found any.  In Mesa, so far haven’t found any.  Here in northern California, found two of them today.  Had lunch in Modesto — had posole.  Had dinner in Turlock — had albondigas.  I feel like I’m in heaven, but I’m at the hotel doing laundry.


Managed to sleep in until 6am today.  Started binge-watching Turn: Washington’s Spies today.  Washed three loads of laundry.  Drove around the area again.


Started the day, packing (no surprise).  After a time, I decided to shower and then load the U-Haul van with more things for storage.  Took the stuff to the storage unit and then returned the van.  Took a nap after getting home and completed three loads of laundry.  At some point, I guess I could just start throwing away some of the dirty clothes rather than washing them.


Three loads of laundry.  Two boxes filled with books.  Two trash bags filled with items I haven’t touched in ages.  Got my paper shredder set up, but decided to wait until buying oil for it before I start shredding.  Still have a lot to do, to simplify.


I ran a few errands today, which included getting the car washed, picking up my prescriptions and getting change for laundry.  When I got home, I measured my dirty clothes and decided I didn’t need to wash anything until next weekend.  Nothing beats a little procrastination.  Then, I threw some stuff in the crock pot (too late for tonight’s dinner) for leftovers later on in the week.  I’ve been watching Adam Sandler movie’s ever since — two I didn’t remember seeing before until I put them on today, Punch Drunk Love and Anger Management.  And of course, I’ll finish off the triple feature later this evening with 50 First Dates.