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Woke up feeling OK this morning.  Within an hour, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I never did, but I had to make several trips to the restroom for something else.  I started feeling better after a while, and when I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be making any more trips to the bathroom, I decided to clean up and go to work.  For the most part, I’ve since been feeling like normal.

Have been rearranging the furniture in my apartment since last night.  Should be finished in time for my daughter’s visit this weekend.


February, 2014

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Random Thoughts
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I don’t know — I haven’t felt like blogging much, lately.

I started the month working in the local area.  It snowed most of that week. Then on my next rotation, I went to Indiana and Michigan, and it snowed most of that week.

I tried eating one of those “super-hot food” challenges and lost.  Ate a burger called the flamer, and it instantly caused me so much stomach distress, I couldn’t finish, and ultimately threw up four times before getting all that super-hot pepper sauce out of my stomach.  I learned my lesson.  Never again eat anything when the restaurant gives you a waiver to sign.


Today I spent almost half yesterday’s paycheck getting the brakes on my car repaired.

I rediscovered what it’s like to have a smart phone when my company replaced my Blackberry with an iPhone.  Now I’m watching Netflix everywhere I can get wi-fi, and reading books on Kindle when I can’t get wi-fi.


Aaaaaand — that’s about it for this month.


Posted: December 17, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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the cold winter

I spent my last rotation mostly in Ohio.  And it was cold.

I flew into Dayton, drove to Cincinnati and then to Columbus on day one — just ahead of a winter storm.

Woke up the next morning to snow and ice on the rental car, and no ice scraper.  I considered my options, and used a small dust pan I carry in my toolkit to scrape my windows. I worked in town and drove around to a few places before the snow started coming down again.  Somewhere, I lost one of my gloves, but since I had several pairs at home, I decided not to buy a pair.  I’d tough it out for the week.

The next day, I scraped a few inches off the car with my dust pan, regretting my decision about buying the gloves.  The cold wind on my fingers made them ache.  Tucking my ungloved hand into my pockets didn’t help much.  After work that afternoon, I bought a new pair.  But alas — the skin on my hands was already drying out and beginning to crack.  I’d been down that road before.  Even hand lotion wouldn’t stop the process before one or two fingers would be bleeding.

I worked another day in Columbus, then one in Lancaster where I finally bought a snow brush/ice scraper for the few inches that fell while I was in the pharmacy and to carry in my luggage for the rest of the winter.  I drove back to the Cincinnati area, where after working a couple of hours, was sent to a down site in Greenwood, Indiana.

To me, a lot of the pharmacies in which I work look so much alike, they blend in my memory.  But even though I didn’t remember Greenwood, I had the feeling I’d been there before.  Behind the pharmacy sat a restaurant called Roscoe’s Tacos, which seemed familiar.  After finishing work for the day, I stopped into Roscoe’s Tacos for dinner.  Instantly, I knew I’d been there before.  I tried the big sampler special.  The thing about Roscoe’s Tacos was the tacos were good, but they had about a half-dozen flavors of taco sauce.  Of course, I used the Smokin’ sauce.

Went back to the same pharmacy the next day, and back to Roscoe’s for lunch, and drove back to Florence Kentucky to finish up at the place I’d left the day before.  On this day, my sinuses began to burn and I started to develop a cough.

That evening, I had dinner at a restaurant called Mai Tai, which was mainly Thai, but also served Chinese and Japanese food.  The food was great!  I didn’t think much about my runny nose, assuming it was a result of the spicy food I’d eaten.

The next morning, I drove back to Dayton.  I was all plugged up, still with a runny nose and cough.  Luckily, things weren’t so bad I was a bad airplane passenger.  I’m hoping I did a good job keeping my germs to myself.  I still felt OK, otherwise.

That night, I went to a Stone Temple Pilots concert at a local casino.  Had a blast!  The lead-in band was called Not a Planet, and their lead singer seemed familiar.  I later found out he had been the music leader at my church.  It was instantly obvious, but I’d never had made the connection because one doesn’t expect the church guy to be tied with the Stone Temple Pilots.  I liked Not a Planet.  The Stone Temple Pilots is one of my favorite bands.  They have a new singer, and he did a great job.  After the concert, since I was in a casino, I decided to play some slots.  I’m used to losing money on the slots, but for a pleasant change I won a little.  Then I went home.

For the last four days, I’ve been getting over the cold I got in Ohio (I’m hoping I haven’t passed it on to my daughter).  And the cracks in my fingers have been healing.  I should be good to go for my next rotation starting tomorrow.  This time, I wouldn’t mind working in Florida….