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Watching a movie called Ghost Team.  So far, it’s been entertaining.  I like the way Ghost Hunters (TAPS) mocks itself by pretending to be a team called “Ghost Getters”.

Got another box from Blue Apron today.  Can’t wait to start cooking!



For years, I’ve only had one supposed ghost story to tell, about the time we kids were in the garage holding a séance and the candle we used went out, like a drop of liquid had dropped onto the wick from above.  I’d had my eyes open at the time, so if I hadn’t seen it happen, I would have suspected my brother was pulling a prank.

Ever since, I’ve listened to other folks tell their stories and watched the ghost shows on TV.  And, I’ve never actually SEEN a ghost in person.  Still haven’t.  But something out of the ordinary happened during my recent vacation, which has me wondering whether I was MAYBE visited by a ghost.

I had some time to kill when I was in Colorado, so I drove to Cripple Creek to see if I could find the graves of my stepmom, her dad and brother and pay my respects.  I’d never been to the cemetery before, so I walked around for about an hour and a half.  I hadn’t found their graves by the time I had to leave, so I hopped in my car and drove back to Colorado Springs.  When I reached my hotel, I began entering the information I needed to go visit a cousin for dinner.  I’d paused at a screen, reading the address.  Then the GPS beeped three times, backing up a screen each time as if someone were pressing the back button on the display.  I watched it happen, and didn’t SEE anything poking the screen.  I figured it was some sort of malfunction and went back to entering the information.

The next day, I was driving across Wyoming and had to make a pit stop at one of the rest areas.  When I entered the bathroom, there was a guy washing his hands.  He left.  While I was standing at the urinal, the sink’s faucet turned on and off three times, as if someone had passed their hand in front of the motion detector.  There was no-one standing at the sink.  When I went to the sink, I tried figuring out why the faucet would turn on by itself, but the only way I could get the water to flow was by passing my hand in front of the detector.

I thought about the previous day’s GPS behavior, and began wondering whether some spirit from the cemetery had latched onto me and was trying to get me to notice.  And I wondered why the two things happened three times each.  What could THREE mean?  I wondered whether it might have something to do with the three graves I’d been looking for.  Anyway, nothing has happened since, so IF someone had taken a ride with me for two days, they must have decided to spook someone else.

So — now I have a better, I think, possible ghost story than the only one I’ve had since I was a kid.