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Got up, got the car loaded, and got back on the road.  Made it to the new house just before 5pm.  First thing I did was put food and a litter box in the bathroom for the cats so they could hang out a little while as I rearranged the furniture in the house and unloaded the car.

Rearranging — Moved the dining room table and chairs out to the patio.  They are made out of plastic and metal, so they should do OK out there.  Then I moved the living room furniture into the dining area, then then the bedroom into the living room.  At that point, the bedroom was empty.

New Bedroom

New Living Room

Sometime during the last few weeks, I’d been thinking about what I could do to keep the cats off the kitchen counters and even more important, a hot stove.  I decided the bedroom would become a cat room.  So this evening I went to the store and bought a couple of cat towers.  I assembled and installed them, to the kitties’ delight.  Still have to fill it out, but this is how it looks for now:

Cat Room 2

Cat Room 1

OK — so Facebook has a new feature allowing you to do artistic things with with pictures you take with your phone.  I’m trying some out.  One of the cats, Handles has already made himself at home on one of the built-in shelves above one of the towers.

Handles Approves





15 days before moving.

My aunt who was with me in Arizona earlier this month came to get her SUV at my apartment today.  She also left with a bunch of shelves, a dresser, a lamp, a microwave and a small TV in the car.  I’m hoping she’ll come back and get some more things, because the more I can give away, the less I’ll have to pay the junk truck to haul stuff away.  If the cats had no idea before, I’ll bet they’re starting to figure out now something is amiss.


Woke up feeling OK this morning.  Within an hour, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I never did, but I had to make several trips to the restroom for something else.  I started feeling better after a while, and when I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be making any more trips to the bathroom, I decided to clean up and go to work.  For the most part, I’ve since been feeling like normal.

Have been rearranging the furniture in my apartment since last night.  Should be finished in time for my daughter’s visit this weekend.

Today at lunch, my manager went to Sonic and bought 100 half-price corn dogs for our group’s lunch.  I’d forgotten he’d said he was going to do this, so I brought a sandwich in.  Once reminded of the treat, I put the sandwich in the fridge for dinner and ate three corn dogs.  Then as they sat in plain sight, tempting me, I grabbed another.  And after they tempted me some more, I ate another.  Then, someone put the remaining corn dogs in the refrigerator and I was tempted no more.  I know another guy was also tempted by the corn dogs.  He said he’d eaten 12 in all.

Tonight I start moving furniture back into the living room.  The cats will be thrilled to have something to climb on again.

For a week, the carpet in the living room has been pulled up while the concrete floor underneath was being repaired.  Today, the carpet crew came in, laid the carpet back down and cleaned it.  Yay!  The cats didn’t know what to make of all the extra room they had for playing.  Since all of the furniture has to be moved back in, I guess this is a prime time to decide how I’m going to rearrange the living room….