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So, the Chiefs lost their game in the playoffs.  Wondering now whether I like professional football enough to watch the Super Bowl.  That might be a good night to go see a movie at the theater instead.

As it turned out, the ice storm didn’t amount to much around here.  Guess I could have done something rather than hunkering down for the weekend.

Ah, but I enjoyed being a sloth for two days!



Today was one of those days I didn’t get out my sweats (my PJs) all day.  When I got up, I fed the cats and then fixed myself two egg McMuffins using leftover ham I’d baked on New Years Eve.  Next, I seared a couple of pork chops and put them in a crock pot with gravy, mushrooms and asparagus.

My daughter was staying the weekend with me.  After she went to work, I flopped into my comfy chair and started watching football.  I don’t care or remember who played the first game — I might have even taken a nap during the game.  I was more interested in the second game — the Chiefs were playing in that one.

The Chiefs won, sweeping all the teams in their division and winning the division championship.

My daughter came home just as the game wrapped up.  I fixed up some mashed potatoes and we had dinner.  Then she packed her things and went back to her mom’s.  I watched a couple of movies on Netflix before going to bed.


I was dreaming I was at a dinner party, talking with several coworkers and I began having a heated discussion with one of the women at the table.  She said I’d missed my skinny chance to ask her out once, and I challenged her to tell me when she’d ever given me a skinny chance….

Then I woke up.  It was 7am, but I didn’t want to get up yet.  I thought a while about the dream and my thoughts drifted to the movie Searching for a Friend at the End of the World.  I thought about who I’d want to spend my last few days with.  Of course I would want to be with my daughter, but what grown woman?  I know who I’d choose, and wondered who she’d choose.  Based on how our relationship had developed after we’d met, I figured her choice wouldn’t be me.  It was depressing to think that at the end of the world, I’d be on my own.

I fell asleep for a while.  When I woke up, it was time to get up for church, but I lay there in bed, refusing to crawl out from the covers.  When I woke up again, it was time for my daughter to get up for church, but I still lay there.  For a change, I decided I wouldn’t be waking her up.  Someone has sold her on the idea that Jesus’ story has no meaning for her life.  Lately I’ve wondered how forcing her to get up to sit in a pew and listen to something she’s closed her mind to would help her appreciate Jesus.  I hope she’ll realize one day how beautiful His message is, but for now, she’s listening to someone else.

I got ready for church and left her a note saying where I’d be.  At church, I had my usual two cups of coffee, so I was all jittery (as usual) by the time the sermon started.  This Sunday, one of the congregation talked about the importance of community.  He talked about how he’d remained part of the church community because he didn’t want to end up alone.  Sigh — didn’t really make me feel any better about being on my own, but his sermon was a good one that made me think.

Well, I went home and woke up my daughter.  We had lunch and I took her home to her mom’s.  I took a long way back to my apartment — one of the things I like doing when I’m feeling down is driving.  I watched the Chiefs game at home.  Their victory made me feel a little better.  After the game, I worked out.  And then after showering, I started watching the Denver game.  At half-time, I drove to Applebee’s and had the Fiesta Chicken Chop Salad, one of my new favorite dishes.  After dinner, I drove to the grocery store and bought a few things.  Then I returned home to finish watching the Broncos lose their game.  By bedtime, I was back to my cheerful self.

Usually, being on my own doesn’t bother me  — I’ve even arranged my life so my chances of meeting and spending time with new friends would be nil.  I’d rather deal with the occasional pang of loneliness than the recurring beat-down from rejection or even worse, never being able to tell where I stand with someone.  Relationships have caused me pain, and they’re something I just don’t want in my life right now.  I’ve written earlier, posing the question whether I was a rock and an island.  I think for the time being, I’ve become both.