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My aunt has come to visit, and I asked her what she’d like to eat for dinner.  She said barbecue.  So naturally, I took her to RJ’s, my neighborhood’s barbecue place.  She really liked the beef burnt ends (I couldn’t convince her to try the yummy jalapeno sausage).  The folks at the restaurant were very friendly as usual.  When the owner found out she was visiting from Iowa, he gave her a bottle of barbecue sauce.  She was so impressed, my aunt wants to go back, SOON.

We went to the grocery store afterward, and I asked what she would like for dinner tomorrow night.  She said she’s on vacation, so she wants to eat out.  Then, she said she doesn’t cook — she eats out all the time.  Funny, that’s the way it’s been for me too.  I wonder where we should go?



I noticed this morning the inside of my refrigerator is getting pretty bare.  I’m trying to eat down my stock before moving, forgetting I still have 1-1/2 months in the apartment and a relative coming to visit for two weeks.  Guess I’d better go shopping!


Stop:  Today I cancelled my Blue Apron subscription.  With my new work schedule, I’ll be traveling too much to cook the food sent every week.  I rarely followed the recipes, but I used the ingredients for my own dishes.  Before signing up for Blue Apron, I’d stopped cooking altogether, unless I was using the microwave.  With the new job, I’ll be spending most evenings on the road, eating in restaurants.

About four years ago, I stopped using a CPAP for a few reasons.  First, I was losing weight and my sleep apnea had gone away.  I’d been using the CPAP mainly to keep my ex-wife from complaining about my snoring, and at a point realized she was no longer sleeping with me, so what did it matter whether I snored?  Last, the CPAP mask and air filters were getting old and the place where I purchased CPAP supplies began requiring prescriptions for them.  Since I no longer had an active CPAP prescription, I couldn’t get new supplies.

Go:  I’ve gained weight over the last three years and I’m sure the apnea has returned, but I don’t want to take another sleep study just to confirm that.  Today I went on and found out I could buy supplies without a prescription.  So I did.  I bought a new mask and air filters.  They will be delivered by Tuesday.  As soon as I start using the CPAP again, I’m sure I’ll start sleeping better again.


I had a small pork “roast” and some carrots left over from my last Blue Apron box.  Last night I went to the grocery store and bought a potato, celery and an onion.  Threw them into the crock pot this morning and wa-lah!  12 hours later, my favorite meal, and leftovers.  Yeah, that’s right — not much to write about today.


I ran a few errands today, which included getting the car washed, picking up my prescriptions and getting change for laundry.  When I got home, I measured my dirty clothes and decided I didn’t need to wash anything until next weekend.  Nothing beats a little procrastination.  Then, I threw some stuff in the crock pot (too late for tonight’s dinner) for leftovers later on in the week.  I’ve been watching Adam Sandler movie’s ever since — two I didn’t remember seeing before until I put them on today, Punch Drunk Love and Anger Management.  And of course, I’ll finish off the triple feature later this evening with 50 First Dates.