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Cardboard Box and Tape Gun

Today I found a U-Haul Store and bought a bunch of boxes, paper and boxing tape.  My goal is to fill at least one box a day.  Then, I went to the car wash to clean all the bugs accumulated over two trips off the front of the car.  As my time ran out, I noticed that even though I’d sprayed grime off the back of the car, I should have scrubbed that too.  A thin layer was still on the car, but I had no more quarters for more time.  Next, I went to Walmart to buy new work clothes.  Then I went grocery shopping, and got enough change to go back to the car wash for a second go-round.  As a result, the car looks spiffy!

Now I’m washing the new clothes so I’ll have something to wear to the new job tomorrow.



Before moving, I’m going to be shredding a lot of mail and paperwork I’ve accumulated over the years.  While reading the shredder instructions, I found I’d need to oil the thing fairly often.  So today I went to the store to buy oil.  I also got a haircut.  Then I went through the car wash and got quarters for laundry.  When I got home, I did a load.  I’ve also watched two Amy Adams movies, Trouble With the Curve and Arrival.  Amy Adams is my favorite red-headed actress.  I’ll probably watch another of her films before going to bed tonight.


I ran a few errands today, which included getting the car washed, picking up my prescriptions and getting change for laundry.  When I got home, I measured my dirty clothes and decided I didn’t need to wash anything until next weekend.  Nothing beats a little procrastination.  Then, I threw some stuff in the crock pot (too late for tonight’s dinner) for leftovers later on in the week.  I’ve been watching Adam Sandler movie’s ever since — two I didn’t remember seeing before until I put them on today, Punch Drunk Love and Anger Management.  And of course, I’ll finish off the triple feature later this evening with 50 First Dates.