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Left work and walked home, the whole two blocks.  Sat down in my comfy chair with the music on and fell asleep until my daughter arrived for her weekend visit.  We had dinner at Applebees — first steak I’ve eaten in a while.  Came back to the apartment and fell asleep again.  Finally got tired of fighting it and said good-night.  For once, daughter stayed up later than I did.


Nothing happened today worth writing about.  I got up.  I worked.  I went home.  Eating leftovers for dinner.

Oh! Oh! — I found out the drive-in theater’s season opens in three weeks!  Yay!

Today I left Des Moines and drove back home.  I suspect the cruise control on the new car doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.  On Friday I averaged 51mpg on the first half of my trip, stopped to buy a soda, then averaged 49mpg the second half.  Today the car averaged about 39mpg with the cruise control set.  You are supposed to get better gas mileage on cruise control, right?  When I turned it off out of curiosity, the car started averaging 47mpg.  Makes me think the cruise control is feeding the engine too much gas.

Getting back into town, I decided to finally get a long-overdue haircut, then saw a movie, The Great Wall, picked up a prescription at the drug store, unpacked the car, fed the cats, then cooked dinner.  Made a stir-fry using Blue Apron ingredients.  So far, I’ve only followed one Blue Apron recipe since starting the service.

After dinner while watching the Simpsons, I fell asleep for an hour.  Missed the new episode and also the new Son of Zorn.  😦

Tonight I’ve added a new link to this blog’s home page, for Palek Art Studio and Gallery, a place my aunt and I stopped in after lunch yesterday.  I liked the artist’s works — wish I had the money to buy them.

Now I’m relaxing.  Dreading going back to work in the morning.

So, today I did a whole lot of nothing.  Once again, I decided I’d rather not make the effort to go get a haircut.  Instead, I stayed home and watched Better Off Ted on Netflix.  But the day wasn’t a total wash.  I did a load of laundry, and cooked dinner using more Blue Apron ingredients.  I made a skillet dish — the difference between this skillet and previous, I added a sweet potato to this one, and some fresh ginger root as a spice.  Made enough for dinner and three food storage containers.  Daughter had one container when she got home.  I was surprised she seemed to like it — I wasn’t surprised she picked out a few onions (she’s isn’t a big fan of onions in her food).

We finished watching Knowing.  So for years, I’ve been saying “EOE” every time someone mentioned the movie.  Turns out I should have been saying “EE”.  Also, I could have sworn a different actress was Nick Cage’s costar.  All these years I’ve been remembering the movie incorrectly.  That reminds me of something I’ve seen on Facebook about how people seem to remember seeing Sinbad dressed up like a genie in a movie called “Shazaam”.  Supposedly Sinbad has never been in such a movie — and yet I’m one of those folks who remembers that movie.  A movie that’s never been made, apparently.  A talk show on the radio has discussed things like this, wondering why folks remember things that never happened.  Sinbad and Nick Cage’s co-star.  Were they in a parallel universe or alternate timeline some of us remember?  Spooky.

I usually don’t fix pasta because of the number of carbs it contains, but I was craving spaghetti sauce tonight.  I made a batch of spaghetti, in the process discovering the temperature control wasn’t working on the burner I usually use — started on high to boil the water and tried lowering the heat once the sauce went into the pan.  When the heat didn’t seem to go down, I lowered the control to WARM and when that didn’t seem to make a difference.  I lifted up my pan and found the heating element was still bright red.  At least the coil went dark when I turned it off.  I’m hoping the heat thing was just temporary — suppose we’ll find out next time I try using it.  I made enough spaghetti for three meals, dinner and two containers for some other time.

Later this evening I went grocery shopping.  Bought more sauce, but also bought a spaghetti squash to cook with it, to have a lower-carb alternative next time.

While I was binge-watching Archer even later, I had one of the containers of spaghetti as a late-night snack.