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Last night before going to bed, I decided to start posting paraphrases of  the journals I kept while in the Navy.  So far I’ve completed the first five or six days of a deployment from 1988.  The journal covers 157 days.  Probably going to take some time.  But as I decided last night, I’m not really doing anything better with my evenings.

I might as well take this opportunity to start journaling my life now.  So — this week, I’ve been walking around the neighborhood during my lunch hour.  I’m fairly certain I’m way out of shape.  Yesterday at the end of my hour-long walk. my blood sugar went low, so for the last few blocks I felt like I was staggering and shuffling rather than taking my usual stride.  Maybe I had a bit of a heat exhaustion, too.  It’s getting warm now.  One reason I’ve started walking outside during the day is so that I’ll be used to the heat when I go out west for my vacation next month.  I don’t plan to do all my sightseeing from the comfort of the rental car.

Oh — just received a text message telling me I just got paid!  Paying bills tomorrow.



Yesterday morning, I went to a new doctor — decided to find one a lot closer to where I’m living now.  As I’ve discussed before, I have type 2 diabetes.  Lately my blood sugar has run higher than usual, so my new doctor placed me back on an oral medication I used to take.  Took my first dose this evening.  I think it’s messing with me tonight because I can’t sleep.  That rarely happens….

Whoo!  My eyes have become droopy and I’ve just yawned.  I’d better get back to bed.  G’night!


Posted: May 30, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I was feeling drowsy while driving, so I pulled my car into a parking lot for a few minutes, until I’d wake up some.  A police car approached and an officer got out.  He began asking me questions, then asked me to step out of my car, to do a drunk-driving test.  I rolled my eyes.  I was a little unsteady, swaying slightly.  Maybe my blood sugar was off, but I hadn’t been drinking.  I walked heel to toe and followed the instructions without a problem.  The officer had me stand against the wall of the building where the lot was located.  I stood against the wall, still a little unsteady.  He said, “That’s unusual….”  Then he told me I could get back into my car.  I rolled my eyes.