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McLellan Water Tank

Back in the early 1970’s, my dad was stationed at McClellan Air Force Base, near Sacramento, California.  Today I was working on what used to be the base.  When my dad was working here, we lived in North Highlands, just a few miles away.  After work today, I decided to visit some of the places I where I’d spent my time.


Back then, this was our neighborhood library.  I spent a lot of time here.  I remember they held a pet show where the prizes were books.  I brought my pet mice — didn’t win a book….  If I remember right, the city bus stopped here.  I used to ride the bus into Sacramento and watch movies at an old theater that charged 99 cents admission.

Today I drove by our house, but because it hadn’t changed since I took a picture of it eight years ago, I didn’t feel the need to take a picture this time.

Jimboy's Tacos

I had dinner here this evening.  This is a block away from the house, and used to be a 7-11 store where I’d bought my bubblegum and candy.  I had tacos today, and they weren’t too bad!

I tried something new today — taking videos with my phone.  I recorded my visits to my elementary and junior high schools.  I uploaded the videos to Facebook, but this blog doesn’t allow it (because I’m too cheap to pay for a premium site).

Now I’m back at the hotel, getting ready for bed.  G’night!