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Received a lien release for my old car yesterday.  I’d thought I’d already received it when I paid off the car 6 years ago and received my title, but after checking with the DMV, I found they were still showing I needed to turn in the release and they hadn’t yet given me the title.  So, I had to write the finance company to get a new letter.  That came yesterday, as I’ve said.  I was going to get up early and take the letter to the DMV this morning, but after a sleepless night, decided to sleep in this morning.  Maybe I’ll get up early tomorrow!  I’m trying to get the title squared away so I can sign the car over to my daughter as a high school graduation gift.

Received more good news on the new job front when I got to work this morning.  Things can’t move fast enough to make me happy.  I know I have to wait until the end of May or beginning of June to move to Arizona, but I’d like to start making definite plans and arrangements.



I ran a few errands today, which included getting the car washed, picking up my prescriptions and getting change for laundry.  When I got home, I measured my dirty clothes and decided I didn’t need to wash anything until next weekend.  Nothing beats a little procrastination.  Then, I threw some stuff in the crock pot (too late for tonight’s dinner) for leftovers later on in the week.  I’ve been watching Adam Sandler movie’s ever since — two I didn’t remember seeing before until I put them on today, Punch Drunk Love and Anger Management.  And of course, I’ll finish off the triple feature later this evening with 50 First Dates.

Today I thought about something that would be a great subject for tonight’s blog, and then promptly forgot about it.  😦

So, I’ll write about springtime.  The forsythia bushes and cherry trees are in full bloom, and pollen is settling on my car.  Birds are chirping everywhere and pooping on the car.  Wind has been raging and sandblasting the car.  We’re under a tornado watch until 10pm.  Severe thunderstorms are dropping hailstones on my — parking space.  Not on the car.  I moved it to the parking garage at work when I saw hail was in the forecast.  Good thing too, because when the storm blew in so much hail hit the windows near my cube I really wondered if they would break.  We’re under a flash flood warning.

It seems things have calmed down a bit, so I’d better get going.  I have groceries to buy, using my car.

Today I left Des Moines and drove back home.  I suspect the cruise control on the new car doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.  On Friday I averaged 51mpg on the first half of my trip, stopped to buy a soda, then averaged 49mpg the second half.  Today the car averaged about 39mpg with the cruise control set.  You are supposed to get better gas mileage on cruise control, right?  When I turned it off out of curiosity, the car started averaging 47mpg.  Makes me think the cruise control is feeding the engine too much gas.

Getting back into town, I decided to finally get a long-overdue haircut, then saw a movie, The Great Wall, picked up a prescription at the drug store, unpacked the car, fed the cats, then cooked dinner.  Made a stir-fry using Blue Apron ingredients.  So far, I’ve only followed one Blue Apron recipe since starting the service.

After dinner while watching the Simpsons, I fell asleep for an hour.  Missed the new episode and also the new Son of Zorn.  😦

Tonight I’ve added a new link to this blog’s home page, for Palek Art Studio and Gallery, a place my aunt and I stopped in after lunch yesterday.  I liked the artist’s works — wish I had the money to buy them.

Now I’m relaxing.  Dreading going back to work in the morning.

Bought 5 gallons of gas this morning after having driven 175 miles in the new car.  That works out to 35mpg running errands and such.  I drove to Des Moines afterward.  Averaged about 50mpg.  Figuring a 10-gallon tank (I would know for sure if I’d only check the owner’s manual), I can go 500 miles on a full tank.  Thanks awesome!

My aunt Sally and I went out for lunch in Des Moines’ East Village at place called Tacopocalypse East Village.  She had a Korean-ingredient burrito and I had masa fries covered with chorizo and an egg.  We both liked what we ordered, and both felt stuffed afterward.  So much so that when it was time for dinner, we were a little reluctant to eat again.

We spent a few hours walking around the East Village checking out the shops.

I’d heard from a coworker about a great place here called Zombie Burger + Drink Lab.  As it turned out that was only two blocks away.  So we went there for dinner.  And we ordered hamburgers.  Sally had one where the bun was actually two grilled-cheese sandwiches.  Mine was called the Undead Elvis, which contained a fried egg, fried banana and peanut butter.  I know what’s on your mind, but it was actually very good.

When I worked on the road during my past life, I would do my laundry when staying in a sweet suite hotel like the one I’m in tonight.  Knowing I’d have access to free washers and dryers here, I brought dirty clothes on this trip.  After Sally went home, I washed it.  Fun times!