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Today I woke up at 5:30am — I have a feeling this will be the norm until I get used to living on pacific time.

I fed the cats and puttered around until 9am, when I went over to the RV resort clubhouse to get my mail key.  In the mailbox, the utility bill for the last month was waiting for me.  Was a lot cheaper than I expected — cheaper than in Kansas.  After taking care of business here, I headed out for AAA, to get insurance for the car and house.

Turns out AAA isn’t just in the business of selling me their insurance.  The agent, John< found me less-expensive insurance through Progressive (that was a big surprise to me).  Then John got me insurance for the mobile home that turned out to be about half the price my renters insurance in Kansas.  Don’t ask about the car insurance — that is about twice the cost as before.

Then, I registered my car with the state of Arizona and got a new license plate, at AAA.

Turned out the driver license place was just across the street from AAA.  That whole ordeal took about a half-hour, and was relatively painless.  So now, I am officially a resident of Arizona.

Afterward, I felt tired, and went home to take a nap.



15 days before moving.

My aunt who was with me in Arizona earlier this month came to get her SUV at my apartment today.  She also left with a bunch of shelves, a dresser, a lamp, a microwave and a small TV in the car.  I’m hoping she’ll come back and get some more things, because the more I can give away, the less I’ll have to pay the junk truck to haul stuff away.  If the cats had no idea before, I’ll bet they’re starting to figure out now something is amiss.


16 days before moving.

Signed over the old car to my daughter today.  It served me well.

Then I saw The Fifth Element at the theater.  Hard to believe the last time I saw it on the big screen was when it was first released twenty years ago.  Some folks in the audience laughed like it was the first time they’d ever seen it — I think they were probably high.


Finished up a week of refresher training at work.  Two more weeks in store for me before moving.  Had to pick up my daughter, for the first time since she got her driver license.  Planning to sign over the title for my old car to her on Sunday, so I’ll need her to drive it back to the ex-wife’s house.

18 days until leaving for Arizona.


Used to be a time when I traveled around the countryside, changing radio stations as they faded out, hoping to find new ones that weren’t country and western or sports talk radio.  Then they started putting satellite radios in rental cars.  I enjoyed driving in different parts of the country for work and listening to the same stations no matter where I was.  Still, I resisted getting satellite radio for myself.  Then I happened to be on the road somewhere listening to AltNation when they began playing the Coachella music festival, then later on South by Southwest (or maybe it was the other way around).  No matter —  I became a big fan of listening to music festivals and was finally moved to get my own radio for when I was at home.  Having only one radio presented me with another problem, though.  How could I listen in my apartment AND my car without having to carry the radio around with me?  I was too cheap to buy another radio and pay for a second subscription.  I found out about SiriusXM’s on-line service.  Now I pay for that so my satellite radio can stay in the car, and I listen to satellite radio in my apartment via the Roku box.  Today I’ve been sitting in the living room listening to Coachella on XMU, the start of another music festival season.  I’m a happy camper!