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Nuttin’ happened today.

Woke up.  Binge-watched Orange Is the New Black.  Realized I lost my passport last week.  Shopped for groceries so I won’t need to eat out all the time.  Started binge-watching F Is for Family.

Maybe something will happen tomorrow.


Managed to sleep in until 6am today.  Started binge-watching Turn: Washington’s Spies today.  Washed three loads of laundry.  Drove around the area again.

Today I got internet service installed.  Drove around the area, getting to learn what’s nearby.

Finished binge-watching Death in Paradise.  Funny, only one of the main characters from season one was still around at the end of season five (there were also two supporting characters still around).

I know, today’s big show was supposed to be the Super Bowl, but I just wasn’t interested in anything about the hoopla — not the game (featuring two teams I don’t care about), not the halftime show, and not the commercials.  I decided I’d rather finish binge-watching Archer.  I’ve found it very entertaining.  I like the humor, the characters and the differing styles of animation.

I also finished up last night’s spaghetti for lunch.