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Spent the day at the office today.  Found out I don’t have to throw everything for Salvation Army into the U-Haul van I’m renting this weekend, but they’ll bring their own truck to my apartment instead.  I made an appointment for Tuesday, the only choice they gave me.  Had to request Tuesday off, to wait around for them.  I’m looking forward to getting rid of my stuff.

Found a new facet to Facebook I didn’t know existed, and toyed with it a couple of times today.


Facebook adds effects to pictures on my iPhone’s camera roll — thought it was an iPhone camera feature at first.

After work, I took a cab to U-Haul and rented a van for the weekend.  Still have to take things to my storage unit.  I stopped for dinner at a nearby barbecue place, and did something I never do.  I took a picture of my food.


Got home, and started packing again.  Nine or ten boxes tonight.  The junk truck is coming tomorrow to give me an estimate for the stuff they’ll be taking next weekend, so I collected together some things I’d like them to take away tomorrow.  This morning I was feeling a little overwhelmed about all the things I hadn’t yet packed, but looking around tonight, I’m starting to feel a little better.  I might just be ready to move in 11 days.


johnny's bbq

I took my aunt to another barbecue place in town.  One of the menu items read:

Burnt End Combo:  Beef, Pork and Ribs

She and I both looked at the menu and said, “what kind of burnt end is ribs?”  I thought all burnt ends were made from rib meat, but maybe this was some new kind I’d never heard of.  We asked the waitress what they were, and she looked stunned.  “The kind with bones?” she replied.  We ordered the burnt end combo, expecting a new culinary experience.

Well, lo and behold!  The rib burnt ends were — ribs.  I guess if the menu had said “Burnt end combo:  beef and pork, with ribs” the waitress wouldn’t have looked like she thought she was talking with idiots.


My aunt has come to visit, and I asked her what she’d like to eat for dinner.  She said barbecue.  So naturally, I took her to RJ’s, my neighborhood’s barbecue place.  She really liked the beef burnt ends (I couldn’t convince her to try the yummy jalapeno sausage).  The folks at the restaurant were very friendly as usual.  When the owner found out she was visiting from Iowa, he gave her a bottle of barbecue sauce.  She was so impressed, my aunt wants to go back, SOON.

We went to the grocery store afterward, and I asked what she would like for dinner tomorrow night.  She said she’s on vacation, so she wants to eat out.  Then, she said she doesn’t cook — she eats out all the time.  Funny, that’s the way it’s been for me too.  I wonder where we should go?

After work, I decided to forgive a local barbecue restaurant for the terrible service I received 3-1/2 years ago.  The food was good, and this time, so was the service.  Afterward, I went home to watch some Netflix (code-speak for “take a nap”).

In the middle of the “show” I received a text message from my daughter telling me she was coming over for the weekend.  Last weekend was her weekend with me, but she’d missed it because she’d been sick.  “Oh, making up for last week?” I texted back.  “No, Mom has me scheduled for you on the calendar.”  What a surprise!  I’ve had my daughter on payday weekend for several years, and this isn’t payday weekend.  I know my ex simply made a mistake.  Apparently she also has daughter scheduled to come over in two weeks, another non-payday weekend.  I’d been planning to drive to Iowa that weekend, to test out the car and hang out at the casino with my aunt.

But I don’t mind — I’m working for a coworker who’s celebrating his birthday by taking a day off from work.  This new visit schedule actually gives me a three-day weekend, during which I can now spend two nights in Iowa instead of one (woo-hoo!).

So, my daughter came over tonight, and we started watching the Nicolas Cage movie, Knowing.  She seemed very interested in the movie, but decided to go to bed about halfway into the film (too tired to stay awake).  We’ll be finishing it up tomorrow night after she gets home from work.

A coworker shared some barbecued pork he’d brought in to work today.  Usually I steer clear of pulled pork because I find it’s usually bland and greasy.  But this pork had a good, smoky flavor, wasn’t greasy, and I was glad I decided to try it.  Even the barbecue sauce was good!

Trying to decide what to watch on TV tonight.