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Ever since working in San Diego two years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for good Mexican restaurants serving soups.  In Kansas, I never found any.  In Mesa, so far haven’t found any.  Here in northern California, found two of them today.  Had lunch in Modesto — had posole.  Had dinner in Turlock — had albondigas.  I feel like I’m in heaven, but I’m at the hotel doing laundry.


Today I woke up at 5:30am — I have a feeling this will be the norm until I get used to living on pacific time.

I fed the cats and puttered around until 9am, when I went over to the RV resort clubhouse to get my mail key.  In the mailbox, the utility bill for the last month was waiting for me.  Was a lot cheaper than I expected — cheaper than in Kansas.  After taking care of business here, I headed out for AAA, to get insurance for the car and house.

Turns out AAA isn’t just in the business of selling me their insurance.  The agent, John< found me less-expensive insurance through Progressive (that was a big surprise to me).  Then John got me insurance for the mobile home that turned out to be about half the price my renters insurance in Kansas.  Don’t ask about the car insurance — that is about twice the cost as before.

Then, I registered my car with the state of Arizona and got a new license plate, at AAA.

Turned out the driver license place was just across the street from AAA.  That whole ordeal took about a half-hour, and was relatively painless.  So now, I am officially a resident of Arizona.

Afterward, I felt tired, and went home to take a nap.

Got up, got the car loaded, and got back on the road.  Made it to the new house just before 5pm.  First thing I did was put food and a litter box in the bathroom for the cats so they could hang out a little while as I rearranged the furniture in the house and unloaded the car.

Rearranging — Moved the dining room table and chairs out to the patio.  They are made out of plastic and metal, so they should do OK out there.  Then I moved the living room furniture into the dining area, then then the bedroom into the living room.  At that point, the bedroom was empty.

New Bedroom

New Living Room

Sometime during the last few weeks, I’d been thinking about what I could do to keep the cats off the kitchen counters and even more important, a hot stove.  I decided the bedroom would become a cat room.  So this evening I went to the store and bought a couple of cat towers.  I assembled and installed them, to the kitties’ delight.  Still have to fill it out, but this is how it looks for now:

Cat Room 2

Cat Room 1

OK — so Facebook has a new feature allowing you to do artistic things with with pictures you take with your phone.  I’m trying some out.  One of the cats, Handles has already made himself at home on one of the built-in shelves above one of the towers.

Handles Approves




I’m moving to Arizona tomorrow!

This morning I woke up at 6:30am, and I’ve been on the go all day.

Had to run more stuff to the storage unit — NOW it’s full.

Had to buy more cleaning supplies.  While I was at the store I bought the 50th anniversary edition of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I’m on a Beatles kick again since SiriusXM started broadcasting their Beatles channel.  Looking forward to listening to the CD and the channel during my drive.

And, I started cleaning the apartment, and cleaning, and cleaning.  I still have some to do in the bathroom and bedroom.  That will have to wait until morning.  And then once everything’s in the car or the trash, one more go at the carpet with the vacuum.  Then that goes in the trash, too.  Unfortunately, I won’t have room for it in the car.


Spent the day packing and getting things ready for the junk truck, since I got the day off.

Took the cats to the vet for boarding.  Big kitty sounded so forlorn, like I was leaving him there for good.

Returned the Google fiber box, too.  That means no more TV until Tuesday night when the cats and I are in our motel room in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  Made sure to pack the Roku boxes in a moving box I’m taking in the car with me.  I want access to my streaming channels as soon as my internet is hooked up at the new house in Arizona.