May 28th, 2017, Two

Posted: May 28, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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So today I loaded up the van, first thing, then I loaded up the car with my Goodwill donations.  Drove the car over to Goodwill and dropped off the stuff.  Came home.

Then I drove the van over to the animal shelter and gave them a cat tower and cubby thingy, courtesy of my kitties (they will get new stuff to climb on in Arizona).  Then I took the last (or so I thought) of my things to the storage unit.  Surprisingly, even though there was a lot in the unit, I’d been fairly efficient packing it.  Even though there was a lot in it, there was still room.  Which is good.  After getting back, I realized I’d forgotten to take a small dresser.  I’ll have to go back tomorrow.

After finishing up at the storage unit, I returned the U-Haul van.

Then I had shredding to take care of.  I loaded up my fifty pounds of documents/mail and took it to Staples.  After paying the person behind the counter about $50 to leave my stuff there, I asked him if I could start throwing the stuff in the shred bin.  He said I could leave it with him, and he’d take care of it — sorry, the reason a person shreds things is the person doesn’t want other folks to see there business.  I declined, but then found the bin was already full.  There was definitely no room for my two boxes worth.  The attendant had to fetch an empty bin, and hovered around while I dropped stuff in.  I’m sure he was just trying to be helpful, but a paranoid person would think he’d been trying to get information for an identity theft ring.  Sorry, Staples counter attendant, you’ll not get any information from me!

Now I’m home, doing another load of laundry, trying to clean enough to make another suitable box to donate to Goodwill before they close.

I start cleaning the apartment tonight for the move-out inspection.


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