May 25th, 2017, Five

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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johnny five

Five days until I leave for Arizona.  Today was my last day working at the main office (my manager gave me the day off tomorrow to take care of more moving tasks).  The more I pack, the more stuff I end up setting aside for storage.  I’ve had to reserve another U-Haul van for this weekend.  The storage unit is going to be packed to the ceiling, I’m sure.

Tomorrow I need to take a bunch of papers to Staples for shredding (though I have a shredder, the amount of paper I have for it would have me shredding for days).  I have a box of non-perishable foods to donate.  The cats go to the vet for the weekend.  And of course, there’s more packing to do.


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