May 23rd, 2017, Seven

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Took the day off from work, but still woke up at 5:30 this morning.  Got up, fed the cats, ate breakfast.  At 7am, I decided to go back to bed to try and get more sleep.  I tried until 8:30.  Gave up and got up.  had to go into work because someone scheduled me for an installation at 8am tomorrow morning.  I had to get the parts I’d need.

After coming back home, I loaded up the van with stuff for Salvation Army.  Drove to the nearest store, and they refused to take the load because they didn’t have a way to accept big donations.  The manager suggested I try a larger store about 10 miles away.  OK — I’d pass the U-Haul place on the way to and from, and could return the van on the way back.

My daughter stopped by.  Her grandma was taking her out for lunch to celebrate her high school graduation.  We all went to lunch.  I showed my daughter how to get into the storage unit where I’ll be keeping some of her stuff with mine until she gets her own place.  Then she went home.

Her grandma and I loaded up goodies from the apartment (mirrors, a hutch, a bookshelf) into her car, and then she followed me to Salvation Army.  She was planning to give me a ride home after I’d dropped of the van.  Unfortunately, that store wouldn’t take some of my stuff (christmas tree, VHS tapes, computer software), so we had to come back to the apartment to unload it, set aside for the junk truck this coming weekend.  She was nice enough to follow me back to U-Haul and give me a ride back home before going home, herself.

I had to figure out what to do about my TV, since it used to sit on the hutch I’d given away.  Amazingly, I had two containers of VHS tapes I could stack up, which would place the TV high enough to be out of kitties’ reach.

Now I have to prepare for tomorrow’s job.


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