May 17th, 2017, 13

Posted: May 17, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Went on my first service call in a couple of years, today.  Did OK, but realized after I needed to enter one I hadn’t reviewed administrative passwords for our systems.  Had to ask one of our help desk folks because I could only remember half of the password I needed, then when I needed another password later and it didn’t work, I thought my memory failed me again.  Turned out the system glitched — I’d used the right password.  Still, there was that doubt….

Got back to the office to complete paperwork and found out just before going home I’m going to another pharmacy first thing tomorrow morning.  I guess my refresher training period is over!  I had to prepare for tomorrow’s service call after coming home tonight (paperwork).  Have to get up early to be at that pharmacy when it opens.

Too late now — don’t feel like packing.  Almost bedtime!


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