May 2nd, 2017, My Place in the Sun

Posted: May 2, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Today I bought the mobile home I’d been renting for the week while looking for a place to live.  The owner was willing to take $1000 off the asking price, which brought the home into my price range.

At lunch, my aunt and I went to my bank so I could get the cashier checks I needed to purchase the mobile home and pay lot rent for a year.  As both of us are new to Mesa, neither knew the bank’s exact location.  I drove too far, but thinking we were within a couple blocks of the bank, I decided to park and get out to walk.  Well the bank turned out to be a bit further away than I thought.  We ended up walking quite a while.  We both were worn down by the heat and a little sunburned by the time we got back to the car.

This evening I went shopping for house-things, like LED light bulbs, hand tools and cleaning supplies — things I’ll be needing here but not planning to bring from the old place when I move for good.  I don’t really need to buy furniture because the home is furnished.  Here’s a picture of my living room.



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