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Got up, got the car loaded, and got back on the road.  Made it to the new house just before 5pm.  First thing I did was put food and a litter box in the bathroom for the cats so they could hang out a little while as I rearranged the furniture in the house and unloaded the car.

Rearranging — Moved the dining room table and chairs out to the patio.  They are made out of plastic and metal, so they should do OK out there.  Then I moved the living room furniture into the dining area, then then the bedroom into the living room.  At that point, the bedroom was empty.

New Bedroom

New Living Room

Sometime during the last few weeks, I’d been thinking about what I could do to keep the cats off the kitchen counters and even more important, a hot stove.  I decided the bedroom would become a cat room.  So this evening I went to the store and bought a couple of cat towers.  I assembled and installed them, to the kitties’ delight.  Still have to fill it out, but this is how it looks for now:

Cat Room 2

Cat Room 1

OK — so Facebook has a new feature allowing you to do artistic things with with pictures you take with your phone.  I’m trying some out.  One of the cats, Handles has already made himself at home on one of the built-in shelves above one of the towers.

Handles Approves





I’m outta there!

Finished cleaning the apartment in Kansas this morning, just before the move-out inspection.  Picked up the cats.  Stopped by the post office to file my change of address.  Then hit the road.

Now we’re in Tucumcari, New Mexico, at the Historic Route 66 Motel.  The cats are exploring the room.  I’m ready for bed.


I’m moving to Arizona tomorrow!

This morning I woke up at 6:30am, and I’ve been on the go all day.

Had to run more stuff to the storage unit — NOW it’s full.

Had to buy more cleaning supplies.  While I was at the store I bought the 50th anniversary edition of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I’m on a Beatles kick again since SiriusXM started broadcasting their Beatles channel.  Looking forward to listening to the CD and the channel during my drive.

And, I started cleaning the apartment, and cleaning, and cleaning.  I still have some to do in the bathroom and bedroom.  That will have to wait until morning.  And then once everything’s in the car or the trash, one more go at the carpet with the vacuum.  Then that goes in the trash, too.  Unfortunately, I won’t have room for it in the car.


So today I loaded up the van, first thing, then I loaded up the car with my Goodwill donations.  Drove the car over to Goodwill and dropped off the stuff.  Came home.

Then I drove the van over to the animal shelter and gave them a cat tower and cubby thingy, courtesy of my kitties (they will get new stuff to climb on in Arizona).  Then I took the last (or so I thought) of my things to the storage unit.  Surprisingly, even though there was a lot in the unit, I’d been fairly efficient packing it.  Even though there was a lot in it, there was still room.  Which is good.  After getting back, I realized I’d forgotten to take a small dresser.  I’ll have to go back tomorrow.

After finishing up at the storage unit, I returned the U-Haul van.

Then I had shredding to take care of.  I loaded up my fifty pounds of documents/mail and took it to Staples.  After paying the person behind the counter about $50 to leave my stuff there, I asked him if I could start throwing the stuff in the shred bin.  He said I could leave it with him, and he’d take care of it — sorry, the reason a person shreds things is the person doesn’t want other folks to see there business.  I declined, but then found the bin was already full.  There was definitely no room for my two boxes worth.  The attendant had to fetch an empty bin, and hovered around while I dropped stuff in.  I’m sure he was just trying to be helpful, but a paranoid person would think he’d been trying to get information for an identity theft ring.  Sorry, Staples counter attendant, you’ll not get any information from me!

Now I’m home, doing another load of laundry, trying to clean enough to make another suitable box to donate to Goodwill before they close.

I start cleaning the apartment tonight for the move-out inspection.


Man, I had so much stuff I felt the junk truck wouldn’t be able to hold everything I needed to get rid of.  Always trust your gut feelings — I decided to take a bunch of boxes and items to the local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Goodwill wouldn’t take baby gates, so those went down the street.  Funny, someone else was thinking just like me.  I wondered whether Salvation Army would take baby gates, and saw three in the bins.  So I added four.  Oh yeah, the snow shovel in the car?  There was a snow shovel in the bins, so I brought mine in.

The junk truck came by at about 11am, just ahead of the deluge.  The crew tried racing the weather so the load wouldn’t get wet — they try donating the stuff they get.  When the rain started, the crew leader said they probably wouldn’t be able to get anyone to accept anything because it was wet.  Damned mother nature!  Well, my gut feeling turned out to be right.  The truck was packed tight.  If I’d kept the stuff I’d unloaded earlier in the morning, everything wouldn’t have fit.

After the truck left, I worked on another load of stuff for Goodwill — yes, I still had stuff!  Went to Goodwill, then I returned home to start moving boxes and items around as to where they’ll be going in the morning. Some for storage that pile is getting big.  I’m seriously concerned I won’t have enough room in the unit for everything.  I’ve got some stuff for the local cat shelter.  And yes, even more for Goodwill.

Rented another U-Haul van.

Decided to take a break, and went to the local drive-in for one last show.  Saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Didn’t stick around to see Guardians of the Galaxy for the third time though.

After coming home, I inflated the air mattress I’d set aside and arranged the boxes I’m taking to Arizona around the bedroom to use as furniture.