April 22, 2017, Getting Serious

Posted: April 22, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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At times I dislike my cats, when one vomits her entire breakfast just after I’ve vacuumed and the other poops outside a clean litter box. Then there are times like these….

I had to clean the apartment so the landlady could show it to prospective renters, and after I’d vacuumed, I fed the cats and then they did what I mentioned above.  I wasn’t happy.  But the apartment was presentable in time.  I decided to run errands for a while, before the showing.  When I returned, I sat in my comfy chair to take a short nap (I’m not used to getting up early on Saturday morning).  When I opened my eyes, this was what I saw.  Cats are a pain sometimes, but times like this make them worthwhile having.  Now, I have to do some serious planning about how I’m going to get them to Arizona.

They are both sleeping between my legs again.


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