April 15, 2017, Tax Day

Posted: April 15, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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While I was in the Navy, I collected every leave and earnings statement I received, and afterward, every paper pay statement I received from my other jobs.  Until today they’d been stored in a box I haven’t opened since my divorce.  Today, I shredded them.  When I first joined the Navy in 1979, my net income was $49/month.  When I got out of the Navy 17 years later, my net income was $2200/month.  So, after 21 years in the civilian world, what is my current NET income?  About $2100/month.  I’ve gone backwards — that sucks.  Well, I’ve made my choices over the years….  I’ve had higher-paying jobs, but have given them up because of family considerations or I just wasn’t suited.  Luckily I live by myself and I’m fairly low-maintenance, so I’m doing OK.



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