April 8th, 2017, Stop & Go

Posted: April 8, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Stop:  Today I cancelled my Blue Apron subscription.  With my new work schedule, I’ll be traveling too much to cook the food sent every week.  I rarely followed the recipes, but I used the ingredients for my own dishes.  Before signing up for Blue Apron, I’d stopped cooking altogether, unless I was using the microwave.  With the new job, I’ll be spending most evenings on the road, eating in restaurants.

About four years ago, I stopped using a CPAP for a few reasons.  First, I was losing weight and my sleep apnea had gone away.  I’d been using the CPAP mainly to keep my ex-wife from complaining about my snoring, and at a point realized she was no longer sleeping with me, so what did it matter whether I snored?  Last, the CPAP mask and air filters were getting old and the place where I purchased CPAP supplies began requiring prescriptions for them.  Since I no longer had an active CPAP prescription, I couldn’t get new supplies.

Go:  I’ve gained weight over the last three years and I’m sure the apnea has returned, but I don’t want to take another sleep study just to confirm that.  Today I went on Amazon.com and found out I could buy supplies without a prescription.  So I did.  I bought a new mask and air filters.  They will be delivered by Tuesday.  As soon as I start using the CPAP again, I’m sure I’ll start sleeping better again.



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