March 24th, 2017, A Place to Live

Posted: March 24, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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mobile home

I keep looking at possible places to live if I’m lucky enough to move to Arizona.  I’m zeroing in on mobile home parks for people 55+ years of age.  I just turned 55, so I still have about 15 years until retirement.  There are some incredibly inexpensive mobile homes for sale in these retirement villages I could pay off in no time at all.  By the time I pay off my new car, I could also have the house paid off — the only recurring expense of any consequence would be the lot fee for living in the park.  Keep the house fixed up while I’m working, when I retire the house should be good until the day I die.

By the way, many of these incredibly inexpensive mobile homes are fully furnished — my guess is that their former owners DID live there until they died, and the furniture belonged to them.


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