March 23, 2017, Happy Anniversary

Posted: March 23, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Funny how the memory works.  Here it is, the anniversary of my ex-wife and her current husband and I remember this, but I don’t remember the date that she and I were divorced.  One thing I’ve noticed this last year, dispatching field technicians to places I’ve been, is I can remember the insides of pharmacies like I was just there.  I can remember good restaurants where I had dinner in these obscure places, the food I ate and where these restaurants were located, but danged if I can remember the restaurants names — and then when one of my coworkers told me last week she’d be going to a town in Illinois this weekend, I said, “Oh, then you have to try Corfu Restaurant,” like I was a regular customer.  Now with the possibility of working in Arizona again, vivid memories of places are flooding my thoughts, like I’ve always lived there.  Maybe that’s a sign that I might finally be going home, where I belong.


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