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Yes, it was another one of those days where nothing noteworthy really happened.  The clouds were cloudy and gray.  The air was cool.  Work was work — I saw the inside of my cube all day.  :-p



So today when I went home for lunch, I scooped the cat boxes, vacuumed the carpet and took out the trash instead of eating lunch.  Other than that, today was spent on work as usual.

I had a small pork “roast” and some carrots left over from my last Blue Apron box.  Last night I went to the grocery store and bought a potato, celery and an onion.  Threw them into the crock pot this morning and wa-lah!  12 hours later, my favorite meal, and leftovers.  Yeah, that’s right — not much to write about today.

Received a lien release for my old car yesterday.  I’d thought I’d already received it when I paid off the car 6 years ago and received my title, but after checking with the DMV, I found they were still showing I needed to turn in the release and they hadn’t yet given me the title.  So, I had to write the finance company to get a new letter.  That came yesterday, as I’ve said.  I was going to get up early and take the letter to the DMV this morning, but after a sleepless night, decided to sleep in this morning.  Maybe I’ll get up early tomorrow!  I’m trying to get the title squared away so I can sign the car over to my daughter as a high school graduation gift.

Received more good news on the new job front when I got to work this morning.  Things can’t move fast enough to make me happy.  I know I have to wait until the end of May or beginning of June to move to Arizona, but I’d like to start making definite plans and arrangements.


Got my notice from the landlady today that she’s planning to raise my rent again, something she’s done every year since I moved into the apartment building.  I’m hoping this year I can tell her no, I’ll be moving instead.