February 18th, 2017, RV Life

Posted: February 18, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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Today, my Aunt Sally and I had lunch at a sandwich place called Quinton’s Des Moines, which was a few blocks from my hotel.  Afterward, we went to Merle Hay Mall to see the RV/Camper show.  She was really looking hard, while I was just browsing.  I know I can’t buy anything, since I just bought a new car.  Then I saw the payments.  While the motor homes were about three times more expensive than the car, the payments were about the same.  I know the only way that could happen was if the term of the RV loan would have to be like a mortgage.  Sure enough, the salesperson said the loans are for 20 years.  But if I could get and live in a motor home somehow, I would save $500 by not paying rent.  Now I’m thinking about how I could pull that off, living in the motor home somewhere and driving the car to get around in.

We went to see Fist Fight.  To be honest, we both thought the movie could have been funnier.  I actually fell asleep several times before the fist fight.

Then, we went to Prairie Meadows Casino, Racetrack & Hotel for the dinner buffet and to play the slot machines.  I had taken $100 to spend.  At one point, my cash had grown to $170– and then I lost it all.  😦


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