February 10th, 2017, Surprise Visit

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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After work, I decided to forgive a local barbecue restaurant for the terrible service I received 3-1/2 years ago.  The food was good, and this time, so was the service.  Afterward, I went home to watch some Netflix (code-speak for “take a nap”).

In the middle of the “show” I received a text message from my daughter telling me she was coming over for the weekend.  Last weekend was her weekend with me, but she’d missed it because she’d been sick.  “Oh, making up for last week?” I texted back.  “No, Mom has me scheduled for you on the calendar.”  What a surprise!  I’ve had my daughter on payday weekend for several years, and this isn’t payday weekend.  I know my ex simply made a mistake.  Apparently she also has daughter scheduled to come over in two weeks, another non-payday weekend.  I’d been planning to drive to Iowa that weekend, to test out the car and hang out at the casino with my aunt.

But I don’t mind — I’m working for a coworker who’s celebrating his birthday by taking a day off from work.  This new visit schedule actually gives me a three-day weekend, during which I can now spend two nights in Iowa instead of one (woo-hoo!).

So, my daughter came over tonight, and we started watching the Nicolas Cage movie, Knowing.  She seemed very interested in the movie, but decided to go to bed about halfway into the film (too tired to stay awake).  We’ll be finishing it up tomorrow night after she gets home from work.


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