February 9th, 2017, Mein Auto

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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So this is my new car.  I’ve had it almost a month and a half, and though I’ve been driving it around for errands I was surprised to see I’ve only put about 150 miles on it.  Still got over half a tank of gas.  Itching to get it out on the road to see how many MPGs I’ll really get.  Already decided on a personalized plate for the car when it comes time to renew my registration — SLURM.  Also planning to put a Hypnotoad sticker on the small rear window.  Both refer to one of my favorite TV shows, Futurama.  I have a Planet Express sticker I could use on the small rear window on the other side, but I think that would be a little much.  One of my coworkers has designed several stickers of his own and I’m thinking of using one.  There’s a place on the front bumper for a license plate.  My state doesn’t issue front plates.  I have several decorative plates in mind — have to see if I can find them on-line.


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