February 4th, 2017, S’ghetti

Posted: February 4, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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I usually don’t fix pasta because of the number of carbs it contains, but I was craving spaghetti sauce tonight.  I made a batch of spaghetti, in the process discovering the temperature control wasn’t working on the burner I usually use — started on high to boil the water and tried lowering the heat once the sauce went into the pan.  When the heat didn’t seem to go down, I lowered the control to WARM and when that didn’t seem to make a difference.  I lifted up my pan and found the heating element was still bright red.  At least the coil went dark when I turned it off.  I’m hoping the heat thing was just temporary — suppose we’ll find out next time I try using it.  I made enough spaghetti for three meals, dinner and two containers for some other time.

Later this evening I went grocery shopping.  Bought more sauce, but also bought a spaghetti squash to cook with it, to have a lower-carb alternative next time.

While I was binge-watching Archer even later, I had one of the containers of spaghetti as a late-night snack.


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