January 19th, 2017, Dreamy

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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I used to blog a lot about my dreams.  Over the past year I’ve dreamed a lot (every night!), but because I haven’t been blogging, those dreams are lost forever.  So, here’s a quick note about what my dreams have been like for the last couple of weeks.

Last week, I’d have to say I was having stress dreams.  Being back on a submarine, unable to do my job for having been out of the Navy so long.  Walking down stairs into the basement of an old haunted building where ghosts keep touching me.  Watching a passenger plane flying overhead crash to the ground.  Standing next to my car when a tornado blows through.

This week, the dreams have been more about making journeys.  Running effortlessly in a cross country race.  Driving in a car.  This morning I dreamt I instructed my daughter on how to use a GPS unit.

No dreams about having a love life, though.  😦


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