January 8th, 2017, Quiche

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Random Thoughts
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When I was in college, I enjoyed reading a popular book titled, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche.  My second Blue Apron meal’s entree was potato and artichoke heart quiche.  Now, normally I don’t care for quiche, being a real man, but this was pretty good.  Like the first meal, each serving came packed with carbs, more than I’m supposed to eat as a diabetic.  I cut the carbs in this meal by separating the quiche from the pie crust before eating.

My daughter didn’t care for the artichoke hearts.  She wrinkled her nose and asked, “what’s in this besides the potatoes?”  Then she asked if I was only getting vegetarian meals from this place.  I told her I picked the vegetarian options this week because the meat recipes didn’t appeal to me.  She let me know she didn’t want to eat vegetarian.  She wanted meat.  My daughter has lived near Kansas City most of her life and has a midwestern taste in food.  She is suspicious of new things.

We watched the second episode of the new season of Sherlock while we ate our quiche.  We both like that show.


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