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OK — I’ve managed to write a blog entry for every day of the year so far.  I know it isn’t exciting stuff.  Let’s see how things go in February!


For a week, the carpet in the living room has been pulled up while the concrete floor underneath was being repaired.  Today, the carpet crew came in, laid the carpet back down and cleaned it.  Yay!  The cats didn’t know what to make of all the extra room they had for playing.  Since all of the furniture has to be moved back in, I guess this is a prime time to decide how I’m going to rearrange the living room….

I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I watched all eight Harry Potter movies this weekend.  Almost thought about watching the Fantastic Beasts movie but decided since that trilogy hasn’t been completed, decided to pas.

Decided to watch a John Hurt movie today, in remembrance.  Decided to watch Contact again.  Then, since he played Ollivander in the Harry Potter movies, I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon weekend.

Used more Blue Apron ingredients in my own dishes rather than following the recipes.  Made a breakfast skillet for lunch.

My early day at work.  Off at 5pm — what to do, what to do?  Maybe I’ll get some barbecue for dinner.  Haven’t had that for a while.