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Posted: May 8, 2015 in Random Thoughts
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Yesterday, my work rotation started.  Up at 2:30am (because I can never sleep well the night before I travel), out the door at 4, and at the airport at 4:45 for a 7am flight to Houston.  Once in Houston, I found my connecting flight to McAllen, Texas had been delayed for 45 minutes for maintenance.  That gave me time for “breakfast” at one of my favorite Texas places — Whataburger!

TX Houston Whataburger

Well, I finally made it to McAllen, then drove to Roma, Texas to fix a robot.  I received a call while there, telling my I’d need to fly to Salt Lake City in the morning.  Ended up with like — a 15-hour workday.

This morning I woke up and went back to the McAllen airport.  I arrived two hours before my flight, waited until the boarding time on my ticket and heard an announcement the flight was delayed at least a half hour because of a mechanical issue with the plane.  Two hours later, we passengers were finally allowed to board.  A smooth ride, but I missed my connection.  I’d been rebooked onto a later flight, so when I arrived, I had lunch at Saltlick Barbecue.  Anyone who keeps up with my Facebook posts knows I’m into barbecue.

Connecting flight left on time.  I noticed we must have been on an old plane, because of this.

TX Houston Old Plane

Smoking on planes hasn’t been allowed for quite some time, but built into the lavatory door was an ashtray.

Smooth flight until we were above the mountains in Utah.  The plane started buffeting, so I held onto my drink.  Then the plane began bouncing in the updrafts from the clouds over the mountains.  Things were tossed around (but for my drink).  While folks were beginning to freak out, including the flight attendant, a smile crept up on my face.  I was actually getting a thrill from the turbulence.  I saw the flight attendant’s look of fear as she bounced toward her seat to strap in, and hoped she didn’t think I was laughing at her.  I was amazed by my calmness, but I supposed it was because I didn’t have anyone waiting for me to come home.  If I were to crash and burn, I’d have one heck of a ride, but the world wouldn’t miss me too much.  I found that thought scarier that the turbulence.  The ride remained too rough for the flight attendants to gather up the trash before landing, but we landed.

I drove about 30 miles to work on another robot, and ended up with another 15-hour workday.

I’ll be staying in Utah another day, then flying to Chicago to work an install for three days.  Then I’ll fly home.

I don’t like flying (I’d rather drive), but the more flights I’m on, the higher level I attain in the frequent flyer programs.  For American Airlines/US Airways, I already have enough flights to get me on planes in the first group to board, and some free upgrades to First Class (now that I like!).

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