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Well, I came home from my trip to New Mexico, to find my neighbor across the hall had moved from his apartment.  One day, the landlady was standing in the doorway (she was using the apartment as a temporary office) and we started talking about the apartment.  I came in and took a look, thought about it for a day and decided I would take it on the first of June.  Then I went back to work for another rotation.  However, I stayed in the area instead of traveling somewhere else, so I had to live and straighten up my apartment every day, since she wanted to start showing it to folks.  That was hard, because I tend to live in clutter.

So, I spent the week driving around eastern Kansas and the Kansas City area, performing preventive maintenance and repairs.  Sorry, no pictures to show — when I’m working local, I tend to forget about taking pictures because I see these sights everyday.

Then the hardest part came about moving into the new apartment.  My weekend started and the landlady gave me the new keys, but I had to wait two days before moving in, but couldn’t start tearing things apart in the old place because it was still being shown.  I hated waiting!  I kept busy watching movies.  Went to the drive in on Friday night and to a double-feature matinée on Saturday.

Finally, midnight Saturday night arrived.  I was able to move into the new place!  I spent a couple of hours carrying things from the old to the new, but because of the hour I had to be quiet.  I went to bed, but was awake bright and early to start moving the big stuff.  By the end of the day, I had almost everything across the hall and had started arranging it in the new place (among the clutter).  The next day, I finished moving the remaining three big items, met with the cable guy and the Nielsen techs (I’d been a Nielsen TV ratings household for a year, but because I’d decided to move, they were picking up their monitoring equipment) and a guy who was resurfacing the bathtub in the new apartment, and started cleaning the old place.  The next day, I spent 8 hours cleaning the old apartment (though I’d been neat and tidy, I still needed to clean everything on the check-out list just to be sure) and did some more arranging in the new place.  On the next day, I went back to work to prepare for the trip I’m on now, finished the move-out inspection (the landlady commented I was the cleanest male tenant she’s seen — I had several thoughts about that, from several takes), and assembled my daughter’s new bed.

There’s still clutter in the new place, but yesterday I had to leave it for another week because I was flying.  I’m working in Alabama, starting this afternoon.