February, 2014

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Random Thoughts
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I don’t know — I haven’t felt like blogging much, lately.

I started the month working in the local area.  It snowed most of that week. Then on my next rotation, I went to Indiana and Michigan, and it snowed most of that week.

I tried eating one of those “super-hot food” challenges and lost.  Ate a burger called the flamer, and it instantly caused me so much stomach distress, I couldn’t finish, and ultimately threw up four times before getting all that super-hot pepper sauce out of my stomach.  I learned my lesson.  Never again eat anything when the restaurant gives you a waiver to sign.


Today I spent almost half yesterday’s paycheck getting the brakes on my car repaired.

I rediscovered what it’s like to have a smart phone when my company replaced my Blackberry with an iPhone.  Now I’m watching Netflix everywhere I can get wi-fi, and reading books on Kindle when I can’t get wi-fi.


Aaaaaand — that’s about it for this month.


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