Unsatisfying, Part 2

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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So, I settled into my seat on the plane to Chicago, and amazingly had the row to myself when the cabin doors were closed.  I closed my eyes for a nap, since I can never seem to sleep the night before I travel.  I listened to the de-icing truck spraying down the plane.  And then the plane just sat there.

“Uh, this is the Captain from the flight deck.  You may wonder why we’re still sitting here.  We’re having trouble getting the engine on the right side of the plane to start.  We may need to return to the gate and have a mechanic take a look at it.”

Soon the plane began to move forward.  Got it fixed, I thought, but no — the plane rolled into the gate we’d left a half-hour earlier.  We sat at the gate a little while longer, then I started hearing things that didn’t bode well for my trip.  “Will the Seattle passengers get your carry-ons and exit the plane?  We have another way to get you there.”  Sigh — I figured I’d be missing my connection, now.

“Will the Philadelphia passengers please get your carry-ons?  We have a new connection to get you there.”  I fell into that group.  I climbed out of my comfortable seat and grabbed my bag from the overhead bin.  I walked back up the gateway to the ticket counter.  The ticket agent called my name and handed me two new tickets.  C24 for the first.  C24 — anyone who’s ever flown Southwest knows what a bummer that number is.  So instead of a one-hour flight with a row to myself, I was now booked on a two-hour flight to Orlando, on which I would most likely be sitting in the middle seat.

Sure enough, a middle seat.  But I was between two women, so it wasn’t so bad.  The plane arrived in Orlando just before lunch.  I was to have a two-hour layover and then finish the trip to Philly.

Now, here’s the where the weather flexed its muscles.  This morning, the weatherman said there would be one-hour flight delays today in New York and Philadelphia because of thunderstorms.  When I arrived at my gate in Orlando, the flight was already scheduled to leave 45 minutes later than scheduled.  Then it was an hour.  Then an hour and a half.

I finally arrived in Philadelphia after 5 o’clock, four hours later than originally planned.  I actually arrived so late, I didn’t have to go to a pharmacy to work — I was able to go straight to my hotel, instead.

I guess there is a bright side to flight delays….  🙂


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