Posted: November 3, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Buster in Prison


I wrote about my first half of my rotation in my last blog entry, about how I drove all over the countryside.  This entry will be about the second half of my rotation, where I worked for four days in one place, a prison.  My company’s products are in prisons, among other places, and I was there for an upgrade.  Not much to say about my time there — fairly uneventful, but for the second day.

Shortly after I arrived, I heard over one of the staff’s walkie-talkie, “Medical emergency in cell block C.  Medical emergency in cell block C.”  Only, it wasn’t actually cell block C.  I don’t really remember the place.  Some of the staff responded, and when they returned, I learned one of the prisoners had tried to hang himself in his cell.  He was presently in the emergency room.  I continued working on the equipment, and I heard on the walkie-talkie about a commotion in the emergency room.  The staff responded, and when they returned, I learned the same prisoner had become agitated and when the prison staff tried to restrain him, he resisted.  They’d had to use pepper spray on him.  Some of the prison staff had also been hit with the spray.  One of them came into the pharmacy for some eyewash, a little while later.  His skin and eyes were very red.  I swore that when he walked in, my eyes and nostrils also began to feel a little irritated, just from what was on his clothes.

Nothing much happened, the rest of the time I was there, but I was ready to go home by the time I’d finished my work.  The prison was close enough to where I live, I was able to drive home in a sweet rental car.  I had a Chevy Impala that was tricked out with a sun/moon roof, a great sound system, seat warmers and even vibrating seats.  Even though I didn’t need the seat warmers and vibrators, the seats were so comfortable the trip passed before I knew it.  I was sad when I had to drop it off.  I know what I’d like to buy when I win the lottery….


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