The Land Between Two Rivers

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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IA Le Claire 2


A few years ago, a public television station produced a show called “The Land Between Two Rivers” — a show about Iowa (between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers).  The picture above is the view from my hotel yesterday morning of the Mississippi River.  But my tale isn’t about Iowa.  My tale is about the land between the Mississippi and Ohio RiversIllinois.

I’m in Oklahoma City.  When this rotation started, I was going to drive to Wichita and work my way here for a job that starts tomorrow.  That didn’t happen.

My plans were changed.  I found myself flying to Saint Louis instead, then driving to Decatur, Illinois.  After finishing up there, I drove to Moline, Illinois for another job.  I spent the night in Le Claire, across the river, thinking I would be working in Muscatine, Iowa the next day, yesterday.  But just as I started for Muscatine, I was instead told to drive to Newburgh, Indiana.  Turned out to be a seven-hour drive through Illinois.  Newburgh is on the Ohio River.  I was tempted to stop and take a picture, but was pressed for time.  Had to get to a job.  Today I drove back to Saint Louis, also on the Mississippi (if you didn’t know).

During the last three days, I traveled on familiar highways and on new ones.  I saw the farmers out in the corn fields in their combines.  I saw orange and red trees, more than two weeks ago when I crossed from Detroit to Chicago.  Autumn has fallen on Illinois, for sure.  I ate at an awesome Chinese restaurant in Decatur and an even more awesome Japanese food restaurant in Moline.  Unfortunately, I’ve worked late hours and had big dinners, so I haven’t worked out the last three evenings.

This evening, I flew into Oklahoma City, where I’ll be spending the rest of my rotation.  Guess I’d better get to bed.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to work out some while I’m here.



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