Posted: October 26, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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So, I checked out the DNA website tonight after receiving another e-mail listing all the distant cousins they’ve matched me to.  I posted the above picture based on the DNA results they gave me when I first joined up with the site.  Back then, I was mostly Scandinavian, according to them.  A descendant of Vikings!

But tonight I discovered the site has a 2.0 version of my DNA ancestry, which now says I’m 85% from Great Britain and only 1% Scandinavian.  According to the Ancestry website, the average person living in Britain today is only 60% British.  How can I be, in a country of mutts, be more British than the British?

By looking at the genealogies on for the last few years, I would have thought I’d at least have a little African and German Jewish blood, but not according to the DNA site.  For these regions, my ancestry is 0%.

Now I need to reset my self-image.  I am descended from this:

holy grail



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